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hi hello!


hi, i'm dustofwarfare, and it sounds like a scary srs bsns name but it isn't! (it's a line from a Wilfred Owen poem, so maybe it is, actually, kind of serious :| ) but i am not serious, not really, because i'm an enthusiastic fangirl nursing a new obsession for FFVII and all things related to such! :D!

i squee a lot! and here are the places where i am likely to be found squeeing, as well as posting fic, art and various things that make me squeak like a small, excitable puppy!





deviantart! (i make photoshop graphics with song lyrics, and post very very newbie!artist digital art/drawings there. i'm much, much better with the photoshop graphics with song lyrics, trust me :| )

i ship Sephiroth/Cloud, mostly post-Advent Children when Seph is crazy and Cloud is angsty, though i'm a multi-shipper at heart. i also adore Rufus Shinra and am a total Turks fangirl. basically i like anything and will write just about anything, read anything, and drool over pretty art.

i'm super friendly so if you stumble by here, say hi! i love talking about fandom, i'm 100% drama-free and i will overuse the :| emoticon and CAPSLOCK AT YOU A LOT but really, that's as dangerous as i get. answerable to Dusty or Dust, whatever floats your airship ;)
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