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24 February 2014 @ 06:42 pm

hi, i'm dustofwarfare, and it sounds like a scary srs bsns name but it isn't! (it's a line from a Wilfred Owen poem, so maybe it is, actually, kind of serious :| ) but i am not serious, not really, because i'm an enthusiastic fangirl nursing a new obsession for FFVII and all things related to such! :D!

i squee a lot! and here are the places where i am likely to be found squeeing, as well as posting fic, art and various things that make me squeak like a small, excitable puppy!





deviantart! (i make photoshop graphics with song lyrics, and post very very newbie!artist digital art/drawings there. i'm much, much better with the photoshop graphics with song lyrics, trust me :| )

i ship Sephiroth/Cloud, mostly post-Advent Children when Seph is crazy and Cloud is angsty, though i'm a multi-shipper at heart. i also adore Rufus Shinra and am a total Turks fangirl. basically i like anything and will write just about anything, read anything, and drool over pretty art.

i'm super friendly so if you stumble by here, say hi! i love talking about fandom, i'm 100% drama-free and i will overuse the :| emoticon and CAPSLOCK AT YOU A LOT but really, that's as dangerous as i get. answerable to Dusty or Dust, whatever floats your airship ;)
title: begin the end
pairing: sephiroth/cloud
fandom: final fantasy vii
summary: Six years after the Deepground crisis, Sephiroth returns -- with no memory of anything that happened at Nibelheim, or afterwards. Cloud Strife, convinced it’s a trap, advocates for his old enemy's immediate execution -- but Rufus Shinra, determined to reform the image of the new Shinra Electric Company and earn the goodwill of a population tired of violence, has other ideas.

AN: My thanks to fdraskol for a lovely and thorough beta, and for answering all of my questions about the timeline, since I'm horrible at math xDD Title is from the Placebo song of the same name, as are chapter titles. I swear that band ships Seph/Cloud, zomg.

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27 April 2014 @ 12:14 pm
title: clear-toned song
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (compilation), set post-ACC, part of the “sleeping with ghosts” ‘verse; vaguely interconnected, can be read as a standalone.
pairing: sephiroth/cloud
rating: teen and up
word count: 2698
summary: if cloud is a siren, then sephiroth is his fucking shipwreck.

an: i just like making these two stand around and talk, or think about things, idk. title from a translation of Homer’s Odyssey, in which he is describing the sirens’ song. Also my apologies if the ages used in here are wrong; the timeline makes me cry and want some candy. Pretend they're just too crazy to know better, okay? :D

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title: limit break (now with donuts)
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (set post ACC, such as it matters)
pairing: sephiroth/cloud (and guest appearances by Link, Ganon, Mario, Bowser, Solid Snake, Psycho Mantis, Albert Wesker, and Jill Valentine. Oh, and a facilitator who is basically Dr. Phil :|)
rating: teen and up
genre: humor, crack!fic
words: 3000 or something, i’m ridiculous :(
content: brief mentions of sex, me attempting to be funny :|
Summary: In which Cloud and Sephiroth find themselves magically transported to a seminar called Fighting the Archenemy Within: Understanding and Reversing the Damage Inherent in the Hero/Villain Power Dynamic, and Cloud has strong opinions about what is, and is not, a dragon.

AN: Author has been home sick with a fever. Very possible that my interpretations of characters not related to FFVII are completely wacko, sorry? written for the sinsffchallenge prompt of “crack fic”, so you know, i claim artistic leeway >>

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fic: all my former fires
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (set post-Advent Children; probably this is a series now, sigh, how did that happen :| )
rating: teen
pairing/characters: sephiroth/cloud (references past sephiroth/genesis), aerith
summary: Sephiroth hates that it's Cloud who keeps him from getting lost in the dark -- even more than he hates Cloud for sending him there in the first place.

AN: My Sephiroth/Cloud stories are all kind of related, in some vague timeline, but prior stories refer to a past Sephiroth/Zack relationship -- this one has past Sephiroth/Genesis, as I've been rethinking my head!canon a bit. So if that seems contradictory to other stories previously written, that's why :)

Title is from the song Brother My Cup Is Empty by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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27 March 2014 @ 10:24 am
title: the lie will unfurl

author: dustofwarfare

fandom: final fantasy vii (post Advent Children)

pairing: sephiroth/cloud

rating: teen and up

contains: angst? (how surprising for them :| )

word count: ~900

summary: it’s easier when he’s a monster.

AN: introspective character piece! also short, for me. lyrics by Placebo, who again, must all be secret Sephiroth/Cloud shippers. Song is The Crawl.

the lie will unfurlCollapse )
title: love you like a ruin
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (post Advent Children)
rating: mature
content: slight warning for mild breathplay
word count: 4665
summary: For a long time they've been like two planets circling the same bright star, on a collision course doomed to destroy. Maybe it's time to start going the same direction for a change.

AN: this is probably set in the same ‘verse as “the appointed time” and “falls the shadow”, but you don’t need to read the other two to read this one. also i came across this artwork of Cloud and Sephiroth in the rain, and it made me keysmash and think thoughts about toppy!Cloud. Title from Thea Gilmore’s Razor Valentine.

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25 February 2014 @ 01:50 pm
title: battle scars
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii
pairing: rufus/sephiroth
rating: teen
summary: rufus shinra finds himself stuck in an elevator with general sephiroth, and learns a few things about war.

AN: written for the "Final Fantasy Kiss Meme" thing on DW. In which "kiss" means "angst", apparently, if you're me :|

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16 February 2014 @ 07:36 pm
title: falls the shadow
author: dustofwarfare
pairing: sephiroth/cloud (mentions of past zack/sephiroth) (set sometime post-AC; sort of in the same 'verse as "The Appointed Time")
word count: 3695
rating: mature
summary: even without blades, someone always ends up bleeding.
AN: The title is from T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men.

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10 February 2014 @ 03:12 pm
title: the appointed time
pairing: sephiroth/cloud
timeline: vaguely after Advent Children
summary: some things between them are inevitable. this is only one of them.
rating: mature (though not explicit)

AN: title from aeschylus’ poem. hi! i’m new here, suddenly obsessed, and sharing :)

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